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Year-End Checklist

James Barr, CRPC
Managing Director
Reserve Wealth Management, LLC


1. Review realized and unrealized gains & losses. 
2. Check lose carry-forwards from last year. 
3. Identify transactions that could improve tax situation. 
4. Review sales of appreciated property.  insurance coverage.
5. Collect cost-basis information on sold securities. 

6. Take advantage of your 401(k) employer matching. 
7. Max out your IRA, if applicable. 
8. Review Roth IRA conversions.
9. Take Required Minimum Distributions. 
10. Start a retirement plan if applicable. 
11. Review all retirement accounts.

12. Review investment goals and strategy.
13. Review asset allocation.
14. Rebalance portfolio if applicable.
15. Examine income and savings needs.

2017 EVENTS 
16. Did you move?
17. Did you sell your home, business or real estate?
18. Did you transfer or gift any assets? 
19. Did you refinance your home? 
20. Did you change jobs? 
21. Did you get married or divorced? 
22. Did you give birth or adopt a child?
23. Did you have a death in the family?
24. Did you incur substantial medical expenses?
25. Did you receive a gift or inheritance?

26. Review all insurance policies.
27. Review cost of insurance.
28. Review premium amounts.
29. Review health, life and disability insurance coverage.
30. Review home, auto and personal liability coverage

31. Review employer's insurance coverage and costs.
32. Review Medicare coverage.
33. Review Health Savings Account contributions.
34. Spend balance in Flexible Spending Accounts.
35. Investigate state health insurance exchange.

36. 50--Catch-up contributions to retirement plans. 
37. 55--401(k) distributions, if retired, without penalty.
38. 59 1/2--IRA distributions without penalty.
39. 62-70--Apply for Social Security benefits.
40. 65--Apply for Medicare.
41. 72 (2021)--Begin taking Required Minimum Distributions.

42. Did you contribute to educational accounts?
43. Do/ did you plan to make charitable donations?
44. Review and fund your trust accounts.
45. Are all your estate planning documents current?

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