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Financial Planning

Financial planning is an ongoing process of evaluating where you have been, where you are currently and where you are headed, financially.
This process examines your assets, liabilities, income, expenses, insurance, estate planning, and other factors to determine if they are positioned to address your goals and concerns, while attempting to mitigate risk, when and where possible.

Meeting with a Financial Advisor is an important first step.  It's an opportunity to get to know an advisor and share your goals and dreams.  You're under no obligation and your initial meeting will be relaxed and informal.

Your meeting will include a review of your existing financial situation and potential opportunities, gaps and general strategies.  You will receive a brief review of your situation and expect to get a sense of what it might be like to work with us.  If you choose to engage our services we will provide you with our fees.

What to expect

 Professional help in clarifying your financial goals  and priorities.

If you decide to purchase our  financial planning service,  you will receive comprehensive financial advice at a fair price, tailored to your goals and objectives.

What to bring

  • A list of any questions you have regarding your current financial situation.
  • Any account statements, budget information or other areas of your financial life that you feel deserve immediate attention.
  • A list of future dreams and financial goals you would like to achieve.

It May Be Time for a Financial Checkup

It’s never a bad time to speak with your financial professional about changes in your situation.