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Investment Management

What is Investing and Why is it so Important?

In order to feed, cloth and provide housing for yourself and your loved-ones, you need money. You can work, inherit, gamble, win the lottery and/or invest in a variety of things, such as the stock and bond markets, real estate, private companies, and numerous other opportunities.

The expectation is that you can receive more than you invested, so that you may accomplish your goals.

How do I Decide what to Invest in?

First, you need to determine what type of investor you are. Do you want to invest for the short-term, because you have a goal that you want to complete soon, such as saving for a house or college, or do you have a long-term goal, such as retirement, which may be many years away?

How Much Risk am I Willing to Accept?

Am I a conservative investor, not willing to handle volatility, a moderate investor, who will accept some volatility or a riskier investor, who can stomach wild swings.

What Other Factors Should I Consider?

What are the tax implications of your investment, can my investment keep up with inflation, do I have sufficient emergency funds, to sustain me, if my portfolio goes down, what is my family situation, my health, my age and when would I like to retire? These are just a few of the things to consider, before investing.

At Reserve Wealth Management, we offer a comprehensive approach to investing, first understanding your needs and wants. Then we discuss what investment opportunities may fit your profile.

We offer:

Portfolio Design
Tax Reduction Strategies
Socially Conscious Investing
Cash Management
Margin Lending
Global Investing

Mutual Funds
Alternative Investments

Brokerage and Advisory Accounts
Traditional IRA’s and Roth’s

<p>It May Be Time for a Financial Checkup</p>

It May Be Time for a Financial Checkup

It’s never a bad time to speak with your financial advisor about changes in your situation.
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